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End User License Agreement

Updated June 12, 2017

1. Basic terms

1.1. To start using this application, you must accept the following user agreement and take into account all other relevant laws and regulations.

1.2. User agreement is valid for both registered and not registered users.

1.3. The owner of this application is the Music Education LLC, Estonia

1.4. Using the app means browsing the materials, playing, and learning.

2. Copyright

2.1. All the materials (code and binary applications, visual art, texts, photos, videos, sound files, logos etc) are subjects of copyright.

2.2. Reproducing whatever materials of the web is prohibited without the agreement of the owner.

2.3. This user agreement allows to learn for one person per registration. Using the materials for group tuition requires a different agreement.

2.4. When the owner discovers any type of misuse, we´ll contact the relevant authorities to start a proper investigation.

3. Registering and privacy

3.1. Using the app for learning does not require registering, logging in nor internet connection.

3.2. The owner of this app will not be able to record private information through this app.

3.3. Being a user does not have any time limit.

3.4. By using this app, the user confirms his/her agreement with these terms

4. Playing and learning

4.1. The player will get automated feedback on his/her playing. The accuracy of sound recognition is approx. 95-99% according to tests.

4.2. We recommend that beginners do not play more than 45 min during one session.

4.3. Music Education LLC has the rights to change the content of the application and to adjust the pricing.

5. Other issues

5.1. Whatever disagreements and problems will be solved according to the international copyright regulations.

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