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How to Play


  1. Choose your voice type. The difference between Female and Male voices are the expected voice range and clef. The choice ‘Treble voice’ includes do-re-mi levels while others don’t.
  2. Sing the notes of the upcoming level. We call it the ‘Level Check. At the bottom of the game window there is a tuner that displays what note was detected. Try to keep the tuner’s needle in the green. Next to to the tuner you find a button that plays the root note.
  3. Notes start falling down and your goal is to ‘rescue’ them by singing what’s written before they reach the bottom of the screen. It’s up to you which note you rescue first. After successful rescue the note disappears and makes all other similar notes inactive. Sing another note.
  4. If you let a note ‘die’ then you lose one of your 3 ‘lives’.

Finer details

Normally you’ll have to sustain a note for the duration of ⅓ of a second. The levels that ask you to ‘Sing x long notes’ expect you to sustain a note for at least one second. If you sing for a shorter time then the note turns green but will continue falling.

There are three different conditions for completing a level and these are displayed during the Level Check.

  1. Sing x notes (for example 20). The level will be completed after the game has detected the said number of notes from you.
  2. Achieve a certain note changing speed (for example 30 notes per minute). About 10-12 of your last notes are taken into the calculation. So if you constantly change the notes slower then the level never ends.
  3. Survive for x seconds (for example 180 sec).

There are four different ways of designating a note:

  • Relative notation (do-re-mi). Octave-agnostic, calculated from the root which can be played from the button next to the tuner. Currently present in the package Treble.
  • Absolute notation (c-d-e). Octave-agnostic. Present in all packages.
  • Intervals. For instance, M2=major second, P4=pure fourth. In current packages all intervals are raising. Intervals are present in all packages but Treble.
  • Standard notation. Four clefs are in use: G-clef, G-clef an octave lower, C-clef, F-clef.

Level editor

You can construct your own level by going to Settings > Level editor. Set the parameters you like and enjoy!


There are 5 built in packages, 12 levels each. 3 first levels are always accessible for free. To access the rest you will have to make a choice:

  • Purchase all levels of a specific voice type (Treble, Female, Male)
  • Purchase the Full Package which will open everything plus the Level Editor


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