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Train the accuracy of your intonation by actually singing or playing.

Note Ahoy! is an educational music game that aims to improve your intonation and sight-reading skills. It does so by listening to your singing or playing via the microphone of your device.

The goal of the game is to "rescue" the notes that drop from the sky. You must not let them sink! Save the poor notes by singing them by their name. One by one. The more accurate your intonation and timing, the better.

Notes in the game are designated in four ways:

  • relative pitch (Do-Re-Mi etc.)
  • absolute pitch (C-D-E etc.)
  • standard notation (violin, alto or bass clef)
  • intervals (P1, M2, M3 etc.)
Notes in the game are designated in four ways
Notes in the game are designated in four ways

You can choose your voice range:

  • child voice
  • female voice (high or low)
  • male voice (high or low)

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Three first levels of each voice type are accessible for free. You can even define your own level by choosing the 'Custom practice'. To unlock all levels and the full functionality of the custom level there are in-app purchases available.

Designed for human voice but works well with any musical instrument that allows to play the required notes.